Anxiety and Loneliness.

Standing in the crowd, watching the carnival pass, everyone waving and laughing. I shiver, I don’t belong. It’s feeling like I standout and everyone is wondering “what are you doing here?” people around and behind me , people on the floats as they pass all looking at me and saying “you don’t belong”. I flee to the local bookshop where I find shelter amongst the books, my friends.

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Mistaken Beliefs

What is a mistaken belief? I am fully aware that a belief is a belief and in this sense cannot be mistaken as it is what it is. So we perhaps ought to call them unhelpful or limiting beliefs. But for me a mistaken belief is one for which its premise is mistaken, one that has been formed from false or inaccurate knowledge, a belief that’s underpinnings are suspect. Continue reading


Why are so many of us lonely? How can this be in a world so full of people? We can be lonely not just when we are on our own but also in crowds of people and even when we are with people we love dearly. Yet others are quiet happy living in isolation and do not feel this loneliness content being on their own.

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